Attractive Enclosed Cat Litter Box – The 5 Major Benefits Of Such A Pet Furniture Piece

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Some cat owners confine their paralyzed kitty to one area of their home that’s easy to clean up. Consult with your vet on the best strategy for your paralyzed kitty.

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First, the owner needs to consider the curiosity level of the cat. If the cat is not much interested in discovering things then toilet training kits may not be that effective for them. Different toilet training kits sold in the market should also be considered.

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However, if your senior cat voluntarily confines herself to one area, then you may only need to consider litter box placement in that part of your home. And just like blind kitties, consider the type of best litter boxes for cats that’s best for your senior cat. If she has stiff joints, be sure she can easily climb in and out of the box. If she’s unable to squat to urinate, you’ll need a high-sided box. The solution given above may be just the ticket to avoid cat urine odor problems for your senior kitty.

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If you don’t have a good place to put your cat litter box, consider cat litter furniture. They come in all kinds of attractive and functional styles and designs and you are likely to find one that will blend in well with your decor.