Get Traffic 3.0: Creating Targeted Traffic On Facebook

As a business owner do you feel you can’t afford to add a VA to your team? If you feel this way, you’re not the only one. Thousands of business owners feel this way, but you need to know something very important. It’s possible you can’t afford not to hire one.

Step back from your business for a minute and look at what you need to do each day to grow your business and see success. Now look at your business to-do list and compare the two. Are you getting everything done in a day or is your to-do list a rolling list that contains that same items day in and day out that aren’t being completed?

Because then we move on to Willow, the youngster who apparently lives largely alone while her mom and dad are off on their celebrity junkets. She and baby mama Bristol have recently been in a bit of hot water for responding to criticism of their mother’s new television show by posting cruel Sarah Palin-like facebook posting softwares which included “ill-considered and hurtful things about the sexual history and/or weight of other posters.” What is it with these Palin people — do they just have genetically thin skin?

Just as the rule for dialing-while-drunk is in effect after break-ups and dust-ups, do not surf the Net drunk or under the influence of drugs or your emotions. Anything you post on Facebook or SMS (Short Message Service, a.k.a. “texting”) leaves a trail of breadcrumbs that will always lead right back to you and if what you posted is untrue, half of the truth, manipulative or ambiguous in any way, you will eventually come to regret what you have posted. It’s embarrassing when you clown yourself or others, period. But when you clown yourself for millions of others to see, that’s just sad. What you may think is funny, momentarily hurtful or may put you in a glorious light at the moment you hit that post button, may end of being the bane of your existence the next day, and the day after.

In case you are engaged in email marketing, you have a mailing list. Use this mailing list to inform your subscribers about your Facebook fan page. You could also include a link to your page in the mail to enable your subscribers to visit your fan page effortlessly. You will get more facebook auto liker when you do so.

Facebook also places a lot of importance in photo and video posts on your page, so make sure to regularly post a nice photo or video related to your brand.

Another great thing about Pingraphy is that you can track your pins. For example, you can see how many repins you got from each specific pin. You can also see how many likes and comments each pin gets. This let’s you know what your audience is more interested in, and you can determine what pins to use. And vise versa, you can see what pins did not do so well and be know what not to talk about.