Hot New Applications For Creating Beats – Rap Defeat Maker!

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Dipset Christmas Time- Jim Jones- This tune has music taking part in in the background that sounds like a tune hip hop websites highlighted in Rudolph the Crimson Nosed Reindeer The Film which came out in 1998.

This tune is a classic rap document. It was recorded by Infamous B.I.G. as a remix to the original song on his initial rap album. It was launched in 1995. It was a mainstream strike, peaking at #1 on the Billboards Hip Hop/R&B Charts.

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This is the step that is the most fun. This is where you really get to show off your creativity. By this time you have your basic drum sample, using your bass drum and snare drum. Now you can add in your hi-hats and your toms and even your different cymbals. You also can continue to add other devices or sounds.

That’s What I Want For Xmas- Showboys- This Xmas rap tune is just plain humorous and you truly need to listen to it. It is a humorous compilation Xmas tune. What I mean by compilation is that there are a number of clips from various movies, tunes, and so on. Furthermore there are children singing “And that’s what I want for Christmas”.