How To Find A New Job In Today’s Economy

Unemployment is a hard thing to face. Not only are you anxious to get a job in order to pay your bills, but the stigma that you are lazy just because you happen to jobless is also hanging over your head. I can attest to this because currently I am seeking a job. Freelance writing articles on Associated Content and being a full-time college student are currently my only gigs. Some may say that is enough, but speaking as one who has rent and other bills to pay with no help, I say that I am in desperate need of a job.

One of the nice things about Monster is that you can search jobs using as many as eight different criteria including location, salary, education level, job category, years of experience, and job duration. Whether you are just starting out or are making a mid-career transition, a massive site like Monster is a good place to start.

The employer goes to a number of find a job near me, and pays a small fee to post a job listing. The post contains job description, and all other relevant information about the job position. Contact information and job application details will also be listed. The employer will then manage the job applications from the respective job sites.

It’s not entirely good news because about 90% of these job seekers are searching in the wrong places! The Israelites of old and even today have this (good) habit of sensing the times before it gets too bad. During their own equivalent of recession periods, they move elsewhere to make their living. Call it a greener pasture. And they are one of the most successful people on earth today due to this “way of life”.

If you are looking for employment, be sure to let family and friends know. They may know of open positions at their current employment or know employers that are hiring. They can also go within their network of professionals which now, expands your network.

Whether you are a magician, or have a plan to get beyond your present financial situation, you do have to take responsibility for your economic future. It is up to you to investigate how to improve your financial wellness.

Options: You want to have choices when it comes to hiring for your business. For that reason, don’t pick just one resume from the whole bunch. Why? Rarely will a database (free or not) tell you when a resume was uploaded. It might have been uploaded yesterday, but it might have been uploaded one year ago. It won’t hurt to send off a standard “we’d like to schedule and interview” email, but never put all your eggs in one basket. After all, just because a person looks like the best job candidate on paper, it doesn’t mean they will look that good in person.