Portland, Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban And Pet Waste

You must eliminate old urine smells in the house. Pets are drawn to these odors and many times their instinct is to mark the spot. When you clean up urine odors make sure you get all of the urine particularly what might be in the backing, the pad and even the sub floor. There is a lot of information about how to do this. Please look for professional articles about this and not trust the advice from the lady who swears that pouring Windex on the spot is the answer.

Whether you choose to adopt a long- or short-haired cat, you will need to have a cat grooming brush. This rake-like utensil is ideal for dealing with shedding, matting and potential hair balls. Most cats adore the attention of a gentle grooming, so brushing your new cat will also help you to bond well to one another.

Remember to find out what kind of food your little Chihuahua has been eating. You do not want to bring them home and start them on a whole new kind of food. This will only make them sick. If you do not want to feed your Chihuahua the same kind of food he or she was eating before, ask them for a small baggie of the old food and then purchase your new food. When you get home with your puppy, slowly mix in the new kind with the old kind. Keep in mind your Chihuahua is very small, so make sure you get a food with very small kernels so it is easy for them to chew.

Arrange for your pets to be out of the way while the buyers are looking through your home. Not everyone is an animal lover and pets can be distracting. This applies to young children as well. If you have enough notice that people are coming to see your home, have your spouse or other responsible adult take the children out for the time during which the prospective buyers will be there.

You will want a new leash and collar to take your puppy home with you. I find that the best collars for a Chihuahua is a cat collar. Dog collars that are small enough for a Chihuahua can be hard to find. I would not recommend your Chihuahua to be outside very often, so a cat collar will work just fine. If you live in a cooler climate, I would also recommend some doggy attire for your Chihuahua. They cannot survive very long in cold temperatures, even if they are in an air conditioned home they can easily get the chills. Some people go all out and get their new puppy a whole wardrobe, I think that one or two sweaters and maybe a pair of booties is plenty good enough.

Some cats prefer to have privacy when using a best automatic cat litter box. There are options available that have a complete enclosure. At the same time, many cats have a fear of tight spaces and may not be willing to enter this type of selection. Some companies have come up with a solution. Since it is not easy to know which your cat prefers before purchase, these alternatives offer a simple one with a detachable cover. This might be your best bet if you are unsure.

We have a rescued mixed breed dog that gets so excited when we come home that if we are not calm he pees all over the floor and our feet. He was abused before we got him and I believe the peeing is a sign of being submissive. As long as we are calm he is fine. We let him out and after he runs around a bit we can play and rough house with him and he is fine.

Remember. It’s all in the litter training. Puppies usually learn quickly if you are persistent. If you choose to litter train a larger dog, you will still need to take him for a walk so that he can get the exercise he needs.